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Best Practices for Integrating Art into Capital Projects


For more than 30 years, transit art professionals have set the methodologies to achieve high standards for art and design in public transit systems. High-quality art and design have proven beneficial to transit agencies by improving the customer experience and giving a sense of identity and vibrancy to transit systems, while positively contributing to the community at large. Transit art professionals, working with contemporary artists from around the country, successfully integrate art into capital improvement projects. These professionals possess accumulated knowledge based on firsthand experience and lessons learned over decades of program development and project implementation. Recommended best practices capture this knowledge as it relates to current conditions in the public art field.

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best practices, contemporary public art, percent for art, art administrator, art program manager, program guidelines, and project guidelines


The integration of public art and the emphasis on design excellence and art in transit is a global phenomenon codified in the U.S. more than three decades ago. The periodic defining and recommendation of best practices ensures the continued relevance of processes and protocols used in the field. This paper documents best practices used by experienced transit art administrators who are well versed in contemporary art and have developed comprehensive art in transit programs across the country.

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