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Welcome to APTA's Bookstore where you can order brochures, technical guidelines, statistical reports, standards documents, and other APTA publications. You will need to sign in to the APTA website to access the Bookstore.  If you do not currently have a My APTA account, please sign in or register. APTA members will automatically receive member discount pricing.

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Guidelines for Design of Rapid Transit Facilities

Provides safety and technological recommended practices for use in construction of rapid transit facilities. The reader may also wish to refer to the Glossary of Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability Terminology for Rail Rapid Transit. 1981.

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Available as a PDF download from My Transactions and Events once purchased. 

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Joint Trackwork Electrical Design Guidelines

Guidelines for the installation of electrical and mechanical equipment in transit track. This is a basic treatment of the subject with basic models for track circuits and electrical computations. Basic computations are also provided on track bracket loading. 1980.

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Opportunity Cost of Inaction: High-Speed Rail and High Performance Passenger Rail in the United States

This paper addresses the initial investment and on-going cost of operation and maintenance of high-performance passenger rail (HPPR) in four of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) sanctioned HPPR regional networks - Northeast, Chicago Hub, California, and Northwest - over a 40-year period. The system can generate a net benefit of at least $660 million annually. If the nation should forgo this opportunity, it stands to sustain a cost of at least $26.4 billion in foregone economic benefits over the next four decades.

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Roster of North American Rapid Transit Cars, 1993

This document is a compilation of data on rapid transit cars in service as of July 1993. It includes cars in the United States and Canada. Data includes 345 characteristics such as cost, performance, dimensions, weights, electrical equipment, heating and ventilating systems, traction motors, propulsion equipment, lighting systems, and trucks and suspensions. The Roster is organized in alphabetical order by transit system name. 1993.

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