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Welcome to APTA's Bookstore where you can order brochures, technical guidelines, statistical reports, standards documents, and other APTA publications. You will need to sign in to the APTA website to access the Bookstore.  If you do not currently have a My APTA account, please sign in or register. APTA members will automatically receive member discount pricing.

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10 Ways to Enhance Your Community: Unleash the Power of Public Transportation

This publication is geared toward local officials and suggests ways that they can work with local public transportation systems to encourage ridership and make their communities more livable. Written in conjunction with the Transportation and Livable Communities Consortium, it provides lots of examples of what other communities have done to spur action. 2002. Available only as a PDF

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How Transit Benefits People Who Do Not Ride It: A Conservative Inquiry

The report by Paul M. Weyrich and William S. Lind describes the benefits of transit service for people who do not ordinarily ride it. Nonusers encounter less congestion, save money, and see the values of their homes go up because of transit service. Transit’s positive impact for conservation and the importance of transit for the occasional users are also investigated. 2003

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It Pays to Ride Public Transportation: Transit Commuter Benefits (50 copies)

This informational pamphlet describes the provisions, background, and legal authority for the transit pass commuter benefit. $10.00 per 50 copies. Updated 2009

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The World Economy is Moving. Can America Keep Up?

America's transportation infrastructure historically gave our nation a global competitive advantage that paved the way to prosperity.  Interconnected systems of transit, airports, highways, railroads, and ports ensure the rapid movement of goods and people.  As other nations step up their transportation investments and our economy increasingly depends on "just-in-time" delivery, the U.S. transportation infrastructure needs to keep pace. 2007.

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Twelve Anti-Transit Myths: A Conservative Critique

Conservative scholars Paul M. Weyrich and William S. Lind take on the anti-transit critics and debunk misconceptions about rail transit. This study is an excellent resource for transit advocates facing the venomous attacks of the “anti-transit troubadours.”  2001.

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