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 Transit's Response to People Who Are Homeless

People who are struggling with homelessness often rely on public transit vehicles or facilities as shelters from the weather and to stay safe. Unfortunately, this is a growing challenge for many transit agencies and can discourage travelers from using public trains and buses. To preserve the quality of the transit environment, transit agencies across the country are exploring ways in which to respectfully support and manage the homeless population and minimize adverse impacts to the traveling public. Some agencies have developed important new partnerships with law enforcement, social service agencies, and others to approach this issue in a more decisive and positive way.​​



LA Metro's Transit Homeless Action Plan.pdf
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PRESENTATION 2018 Leadership APTA Team 4; Public Transit and Social Responsibility.pptx
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PRESENTATION Alex Wiggins (LA Metro); LA Metro's Response to Homelessness.pdf
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PRESENTATION Dan Boyle (Dan Boyle and Associates, Inc.); Transit Agency Practices.pdf
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PRESENTATION David Green (St. Cloud Metropolitan Transit Commission); Agency Collaboration.pdf
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PRESENTATION Tim Chan (BART); Homelessness and Transit - Potential Solutions to this Growing Problem.pdf
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PRESENTATION Wendy Hawthorne (Metro Vancouver Transit Police); Partnerships.pdf
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REPORT 2018 Leadership APTA Team 4; Public Transit and Social Responsibility.pdf
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TCRP Synthesis 121-Transit Agency Practices in Interacting with People Who Are Homeless.pdf
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 Share Your Resource

If you have any best practices, homelessness outreach plans or policies, or other resources that you would like to add to the Resources Library, please contact the following APTA staff member.

Elizabeth Lovinggood
​Program Manager - Sustainability & Planning
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