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American Public Transportation Association

 APTA Military/Transit Cooperative Transportation Initiative Task Force

                                                                  MEMBERS, ADVISORS AND SUPPORTING APTA STAFF

              CHAIR:  Alice Cannon, Jacksonville Transportation Authority                            APTA LEAD:  Art Guzzetti, APTA Policy


1.     Alan Wulkan, InfraConsult, Scottsdale, AZ

2.     Andrea Foard, Planner, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Atlanta, GA

3.     Anna Magri,  Local Programs, New Jersey Transit, NJ

4.     Art Leahy, CEO LA Metro, Los Angeles, CA

5.     Arturo Calzadillas, Jr, US Army Transportation, FT. Lee VA.

6.     Ashley McNamara, Corporate Marketing, First Group, Ohio

7.     Barbara Gannon, Principal, GannonConsult

8.     Carol Smith, Director of Market Research and Analysis MARTA. Atlanta, GA

9.     Cathy Berger, Director, Dept. of Aging, ARC, Atlanta GA

10.   Christie Sheffer, Paratransit Services’ EVP/COO, Lake City, CA

11.   Christine Rhoads First Group America, Recruitment Officer

12.   Chuck Wochele, APTA Member and Advisor

13.   Cindy Frené, Principle-in-charge, National Rural Transit Assistance Program, Woburn, MA.

14.   Cliff Heinke, APTA Chair BMBG Government Affairs Committee, Parsons Brinckerhoff- Los Angeles,

15.   Crystal Lyons, Board of Directors, RTA Corpus Christi, TX

16.   Cystale Dunham, Deputy Chief Operations Officer, Maryland Transit Administration, Baltimore, MD

17.   Dan Lessard, National Wounded Warriors Spokesperson

18.   David Bruffy, CEO Mountain Line Transit, W. VA, B-42 Panel

19.   Deborah Oaddams, Administrative Advisor, Parsons Brinckerhoff- Atlanta, GA

20.   Diane Schwager, TCRP, B-42 Panel Advisor

21.   Doran Barnes, CEO Foothill Transit, San Gabriel Valley, CA 

22.   Doug Birnie, FTA, Manager, United We Ride Team

23.   Dr. Martha Spinks, Director, Bexar Area Agency on Aging (BAAA), a department of the Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG),Austin, TX

24.   Elsa MacDonald, Director of Programs; Community Trans. Assoc. of Idaho

25.   Flora Castillo, Chair APTA Board, NJ Transit Board

26.   Gil Hernandez, Veteran and Board of Directors, RTA, Corpus Christi, TX

27.   Greg Evans, President Lane Transit District Board, APTA Board of Directors

28.   Heidi Gracie, Dir. Brand and Customer Engagement, Valley Metro, Phoenix, AZ

29.   James Wall, IT SYSTEMS ENGINEERING, , Parsons Brinckerhoff –Atlanta GA

30.   Janae Futrell, Atlanta Regional Commission

31.   Jeffrey Oser, TCRP, B-42 Panel Advisor

32.   Jeffrey Spencer, FTA, IT Program Manager

33.   Jeffrey Wharton, President, Impulse, Mt. Olive, NC

34.   Jennifer Dexter, Easter Seals

35.   Jerome Phillips, Marketing/Sales, Delmarva Community Services, Denton, MD

36.   Jerry Premo, APTA  and ENO Transportation Boards

37.   Jim Weinstein, Executive Director, NJ Transit

38.   John Plante,  Senior Manager Emergency Preparedness, CTA, Chicago

39.   Joyce J. Zuczek, NJ Transit

40.   Julie Wilcke, CEO, Ride Connection, Portland OR

41.   Kali Fogel, Motorist Services Technical Administrator, L A County Services for Freeway Emergencies

42.   Kathy Hart, Smart Maps, Knoxville, TN, Chair, APTA Online Resource Library sub-committee

43.   Kathy Shaw Clary, Director of  Marketing and Public Relations,  GRTC Transit , Richmond, VA

44.   Katie Povee  Marketing Coordinator, Valley Metro, Phoenix, AZ

45.   Kelly Shawn, Asst. Director of Technical Assistance Programs at Community Transportation Association of America

46.   Kimberly Miko, Marketing Coordinator, American Seating, Grand Rapids MI

47.   Kristen Joyner, CEO, South West Transit Assoc., Chair, APTA State Affairs Comm.

48.   Laura Keys, VTCLI Grant Administrator, Atlanta Regional Commission. Atlanta GA

49.   Lawrence Burns, US Dept. Labor, Washington, D.C.

50.   Lenny Howard, Manager, Local Transit Support, Maryland Transit Administration, Baltimore, MD

51.   Liz Peak, JTA – Regional and Flexible Services Coordinator, Jacksonville, FL

52.   Lonnie Mitchell, Veteran Officer and COO,LA Metro, Los Angeles, CA

53.   Lyn Hellegaard, Executive Director at Missoula Ravalli TMA/Montana Transit Association

54.   Marady Leary, Director of Events, US Chamber of Commerce /Hiring Our Heroes Job Fairs

55.   Mario Diaz, Vice President, Product Marketing at IO, Phoenix, AZ

56.   Mary Ann Collier, Chair APTA HR/Workforce Development Committee/Consultant-Swayzer

57.   Mary Handley, Mobility Manager at Delmarva Community Services, Cambridge, MD.

58.   Mary McCahon, Public Relations at Greater Cleveland Transit (RTA) Cleveland, OH

59.   Mary Shaffer, GCRTA, Media Manager, Greater Cleveland Transit (RTA) Cleveland, OH

60.   Michael Gallant, Planning Manager-Monterey-Salinas Transit

61.   Michael Weinberger, Dir. Community Relations, Central MD Reg. Transit, Laurel, MD

62.   Mike Tolbert, Marketing, Wounded Warriors and Task Force Advisor

63.   Paddy Gough, OCTA’s executive director of Human Resources and Organizational Development and a Marine Corps veteran,Orange County, CA

64.   Phil Washington, CEO, Denver RTD and Task Force Advisor

65.   Phillip Cherry,  Transportation Planner/Volunteer, Parsons Brinckerhoff - Atlanta

66.   Reginald Mells, Lynx Transit, Orlando, FL

67.   Richard Maxwell, Chair APTA Marketing Committee/Assistant Vice President of Marketing, Fort Worth Transportation Authority

68.   Ron Goode, Director of Education, Truckload Carrier’s Association

69.   Ronald Barnes, Chair APTA Mobility Committee/Total Transit, Glendale, AZ

70.   Ross Cohen, Afghanistan Veteran and Senior Director of the U.S. Chamber's Hiring Our Heroes Initiative

71.   Russell Kutzman, AVP, Military and Veteran Services,  Easter Seals

72.   Scott Bogren Community Transportation Association, Director of Communications, Washington, DC

73.   Scott Reed, Assistant General Manager, Communications, RTD of Denver, CO

74.   Shwana D. Overby, Exec. Assist., Maryland Transit Administration, Baltimore., MD

75.   Steve Fittante, Dir. Local Programs and Minibus Support, NJ Transit

76.   Suzanne Lauver, Human Resources, LA Metro, Los Angeles, CA

77.   Susan Richards, CEO SRConcepts,  APTA Marketing and Communications Committee, Military Family Member, Charleston, SC

78.   Tracy Manning. Manager Route Planning at VIA Metropolitan TransitWoburn, MA

79.   William Copling, General Manager, First Transit Washington, D.C.

80.   Isa Fernández, 'Bexar Area Agency on Aging, Alamo Area Council of Governments, San Antonio, TX

81.   Jennifer Kalczuk, External Relations Manager at The Rapid, Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan Area; Chair–Elect APTA Marketing and Communications Committee

82.  Jim Perez, CEO, CMRT paratransit Service, Laurel, MD 


APTA /TCRP STAFF: (APTA) Rose Sheridan, Pam Boswell, Karen Harvey, Nicole DuPuis, Joe Niegoski, Jack Gonzalez, Rich Weaver, Fran Hooper, Jeremy Reuter, Jeff Popovich (TCRP) Diane Schwager, Jeffrey Oser


Many Thanks to:  APTA Board Chair Flora Castillo and APTA Board, President & CEO Michael Melaniphy, Paul Skoutelas, Adiele, Nwankwo, Charlie Herndon (from Parsons Brinckerhoff) and Chuck Wochele for your ongoing support of this effort.

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