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 The T Honors Veterans with Free Rides

To commemorate the 2012 Veterans Day holiday, The T gave free bus rides to veterans with a military I.D. card, and continued to encourage Vets seeking jobs to consider a career in public transportation. In an effort to make their support known this past November, the system’s bus headboards scrolled “The T Supports Veterans.”

The free bus rides were part of The T’s outreach to veterans in the first Public Transportation Supports America’s Veterans Day sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA).

“The purpose of this national campaign is to thank and recognize America’s veterans and to emphasize how important public transportation is for them, whether it is commuting to jobs, traveling to VA medical facilities or service organizations, or considering a potential career in public transportation,” said The T’s President Dick Ruddell. Public Transportation Supports America’s Veterans Day also aims to bring greater awareness that public transportation jobs include skills veterans may already have obtained through their military service, said Ruddell.

The T promotes transferrable veterans’ skill-sets in its outreach programs to work force development agencies. Veterans may go to to the T postings, and that agency will contact The T to help match a veteran’s skills with open positions.  

Nearly one-fifth of The T’s employees are returning veterans from the U.S. military. These positions range from president to bus operators with a variety of other jobs in operations, maintenance, administration and customer service, plus a board member.

PHOTO: U.S. Army Corporal Santino Garcia, who served in vehicle maintenance for five years at Fort Hood in Texas, in Bagdad in 2006 and in Southern Iraq in 2008. He was recruited by the T (Fort Worth Transportation Authority) in 2012 as a mechanic for its Maintenance Department for its fleet of buses and other vehicles through The T's veteran workforce development outreach program.      

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