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 China Transportation Links

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Nationwide CR (Chinese Railways)

BCBC (Beijing City Bus Company)

BCTC (Beijing City Trolleybus Company)

BMRTC (Beijing Metro Corporation, Beijing Mass Transit Railway)(unofficial)

BPTC (Beijing Public Transportation Corporation)


ACBC (Anshan City Bus Company)

ACETC (Anshan City Electric Traction Company)

ASC (Anshan Steel Company)

Changchun CCGJ (Changchun City Public Transport Company)
Chengdu CCT (Chengdu City Transport)

CCTD (Chongqing City Transport Department)

Chongqing Metro(Chongqing Monorail)(in Chinese)

Dalian DCTC (Dalian City Transport Company)

FCBC (Fushun City Bus Company)

FMAR (Fushun Mining Administration Railway)


GC1 (Guangzhou City No. 1 Bus Company)

GC2 (Guangzhou City No. 2 Bus Company)

GC3 (Guangzhou City No. 3 Bus Company)

GCF (Guangzhou City Ferry, Guangzhou Passenger Ship Company)

GCTM (Guangzhou City Taxi & Minibus, Baiyun Minibus & Taxi Company)

GCT (Guangzhou City Trolleybus Bus Company)

GKCBC (Guangzhou Kwoon Chung Bus Company)

GPUB (Guangzhou Public Utilities Bureau)

GSC (Guangzhou Subway Company, Guangzhou Metro Corporation)(in Chinese)

Hangzhou HPTC (Hangzhou Public Transportation Corporation)(in Chinese)

HCB (Harbin City Bus)

HCET (Harbin City Electric Traction)

Hohhot HCBC (Hohhot City Bus Company)
Hong Kong


HKETWB (Hong Kong Environment, Transport, and Works Bureau)

HKF (Hong Kong Ferry Holdings Company, Hongkong & Yaumati Ferry)

Hongkong Tramways (HT)

KCRC (Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation)

KMB (Kowloon Motor Bus Company)

KCB (Kwoon Chung Bus, Kwoon Chung Motors Company)

LWBC (Long Win Bus Company)

MTRC (Mass Transit Railway Corporation)

NLBC (New Lantao Bus Company)

First Bus (New World First Bus Services)

Octopus (Octopus Electronic Payment Smart Card)

First Ferry (New World First Ferry Services)

Peak Tramways

Star Ferry (Star Ferry Company)

SBH (Sun Bus Holdings)

Jilin JCTC (Jilin City Transport Company)
Kunming KCBC (Kunming City Bus Company)

NCTC (Nanjing City Transport Company)

Nanjing Metro (in Chinese)


Shanghai Metro (Shanghai Metro Corporation)(in Chinese)

SP (Shanghai Pudong Kwoon Chung Public Transport Company)

Shanghai Transit (ST)

STM (Shanghai Pudong Airport Transrapid Maglev)

SUTB (Shanghai Urban Transport Bureau)(in Chinese)

SWQ (Shanghai Wu Qi Kwoon Chung Public Transport Company)

SXX (Shanghai Xin Xin Bus Company)


SCBC (Shenyang City Bus Company)

SCET (Shenyang City Electric Traction)

Shenzhen SMC (Shenzhen Metro Corporation)
Shenzhen Monorail (SM)
Taiyuan TCTC (Taiyuan City Transport Company)
Tangshan TCBC (Tangshan City Bus Company)

BMT (Tianjin Binhai Mass Transit Development Company)

TCMGC (Tianjin China Metro General Corporation)(in Chinese)

TCT (Tianjin City Transport)

TMA (Tianjin Metro Administration)


WCBC (Wuhan City Bus Company)

WCT (Wuhan City Trolleybus)

WSIC (Whun Steel & Iron Company)

Xi'an XCT (Xi'an City Transport)


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