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 Autonomous Vehicles

JTA’s Ultimate Urban Circulator (FL)OngoingIvan Rodriguez

The U2C​ presents a bold new vision for the Skyway that will allow the system to reach existing and planned developments in and near Downtown Jacksonville to improve accessibility to the transit system. The U²C will make at grade extensions into nearby historic neighborhoods that may be too costly and intrusive if the existing elevated people mover system was extended.

The U2C will convert the elevated Skyway infrastructure by removing the guidebeam, creating a smooth running surface and modifying the station areas to accommodate autonomous transit vehicles. Ramps will be added to allow the vehicles to operate at street level, either in dedicated lanes or mixed traffic, as technology and conditions permit. State of the art technology will oversee the system to ensure safe, efficient, effective and customer-friendly operations.

The U2C will include a larger fleet of smaller vehicles that will allow optimal operational flexibility. The vehicles will be able to operate individually for higher frequency (2-3 minute headways), or in virtual train sets to address peak loads.  The ultimate vision for the system includes the ability to provide point-to-point and demand responsive service. 

RTD Denver partnering to create autonomous shuttle (CO) Spring 2019  TBD

The Regional Transportation District in Denver, CO​ formed a partnership with Colorado Department of Transportation and Panasonic to test an autonomous shuttle to help solve the region’s “last mile” commuting issues. The shuttle will take passengers from Pena Station to nearby office buildings or bus stops starting as early as spring 2018.

Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) Announces On-Demand Self-Driving Car Service on Public Roads in TexasJuly 2018 (Ongoing) Kristina Holcomb

​This pilot program is a model for the deployment of self-driving vehicles in a public setting, one of the first of its kind in the nation, and a major step forward for the industry.’s self-driving on-demand service will be operated in conjunction with Frisco TMA, a public-private partnership dedicated to bringing innovative last-mile transportation options to the growing population of Frisco, Texas. The Frisco TMA includes the City of Frisco, HALL Group, Frisco Station Partners, The Star, and the Denton County Transportation Authority, which will administer the program.Read more here >>​ 

Valley Metro + Waymo announce technology & transit partnership (AZ)ongoingRob Antoniak
​Valley Metro and Waymo joined forces to introduce a new partnership that will help drive the future of transportation. Using Waymo’s self-driving vehicle technology, Valley Metro will participate in an innovative travel solution pilot that can be modeled across the country.​​ Visit their website to learn more about the partnership >>​ 
Automated Buses: Fantasy or Reality?Oct 2018APTA

A presentation for the Florida Public Transportation Association on Automated Buses. The presentation offers questions to think about regarding bus transit automation as well as examples of projects. View the presentation here >>​

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