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  • Clean Propulsion Resource Guide - September 2017
  • The purpose of this Guide is to provide links to useful information on clean propulsion on-road vehicles, infrastructure, and training.
  • An Analysis of Bus Axle Weight Issues - November 2014
    This report provides information to help decision‐makers identify options to reduce bus weight, mitigate the negative impacts of transit buses exceeding weight limits, and address competing regulations in this area.
  • Standard Bus Procurement Guidelines - 2013
    This completely updated specification replaces previous versions of the White Book and provides details for the procurement of buses 30 feet to articulated bus lengths and multiple propulsion and fuel types.  This document contains language for a full RFP including Terms and Conditions and Technical specifications.
  • Public Transportation Vehicle Database
    Annual report of revenue vehicles by fleet characteristics, including date of manufacture, manufacturer, model, length, and equipment. Includes summary tables which group vehicles by mode and list by manufacturer, size, year built, and equipment. Special section on the new vehicle market includes orders, planned orders, prior year deliveries, and vehicle costs. Approximately 300 transit systems included. Published annually in June. Database available for download in Microsoft Excel and Access, and Adobe PDF formats.
  • Bus Standards
    APTA's Bus Standards address many facets of the industry including Operations, Training, Rapid Transit and more. The documents being developed are performance based, not prescriptive in nature and are designed to be a resource for all programs, big and small.
  • Proceedings from APTA Bus Conferences - 1998-2009
    Members: $30 per conference, Nonmembers: $60 per conference, available on the APTA Bookstore.
  • America Rides the Bus
    This brochure provides information on the positive development and direction of the bus industry today, as well as on the broad-based need the bus industry fills in America communities.
    Members: up to 25 free/$0.50 each for 26+,Nonmembers : $1.00
  • Public Transportation: Moving America Forward 
    This overview highlights the many benefits of public transportation for individuals and communities. The economic, environmental and social benefits of public transit are detailed. It includes the latest statistics and examples to illustrate the benefits.
    Members: up to 25 free/$0.50 each for 26+, Nonmembers: $1.00
  • Recommended Maintenance Practices for Transit Buses
    Developed by the Technology and Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Association, this special reprint lists selected Recommended Maintenance Practices and those that apply to heavy-duty transit buses. 
    Members: $50, Nonmembers: $100, available on the APTA Bookstore.
  • Resource Kit: Paratransit/ Accessible Transportation - 2001
    This kit contains documents provided 23 transit systems exemplifying current practices in certification applications, contracts, driver training, customer service, marketing, policies and procedures, and travel planning.
    Members: Free, Nonmembers: $25, available on the APTA Bookstore.
  • Effects of Fare Changes on Bus Ridership - 1991
    Abridged version (eight pages) of the report, “Fare Elasticity and its Application to Forecasting Transit Demand,” prepared for general use by transit executives, managers, and planners. The document briefly summarizes the research methodology and discusses the effects of fare changes on bus ridership by peak vs. off-peak hours and by population category for 52 transit systems.
  • Fare Elasticity and its Application to Forecasting Transit Demand - Full Report
2017 APTA Clean Propulsion Resource Guide_20170710.pdf2017 APTA Clean Propulsion Resource Guide_20170710.pdf
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