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 High-Speed Rail

  • Framework for Assessing the Return on Investment from High-Speed and Intercity Rail Projects - September 2017
    This report reviews 47 prior studies that have assessed benefits, costs, economic impacts and/or social impacts of High-Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail (HS&IPR) proposals. The review shows consensus that HS&IPR can have broad societal benefits that go far beyond time and cost for users. There is, however, a lack of consistency regarding coverage of alternative travel modes, breadth of study areas and time periods, and the set of wider societal benefits that are covered.​ This report provides a guide to developing a comprehensive study of the potential impacts of proposed HS&IPR projects.​​ The full report can be accessed here​.

  • 2015 APTA High-Speed Train Survey - September 2015
    In a survey conducted by TechnoMetrica for APTA, two-thirds (63 percent) of Americans are likely to use high-speed trains if high-speed rail were available today. This jumps to nearly seventy (67) percent when respondents were informed of the costs and time saving benefits of high-speed rail service.

  • Opportunity Cost of Inaction: High-Speed Rail and High Performance Passenger Rail in the United States - July 2012
    This paper addresses the initial investment and on-going cost of operation and maintenance of high-performance passenger rail (HPPR) in four of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) sanctioned HPPR regional networks – Northeast, Chicago Hub, California, and Northwest – over a 40 year period. The system can generate a net benefit of at least $660 million annually. If the nation should forgo this opportunity, it stands to sustain a cost of at least $26.4 billion in foregone economic benefits over the next four decades.

  • High-Speed Rail: On the Move in America - July 2012
    High-speed rail is critical to America’s economic future. Congestion on our highways and runways already costs $130 billion a year, and our population is expected to grow by another 100 million people in the next 40 years. That is the key rationale behind the Obama Administration’s more than $10 billion investment in high-speed and passenger rail projects across the country.

  • APTA High-Speed Train Survey - May 2012
    The results of a national survey that show that nearly two-thirds of Americans are interested in traveling by high-speed rail and the figure soars to 74 percent among those in the 18-24 age brackets.
  • An Inventory of the Criticisms of High-Speed Rail - January 2012
    This report is the summary of extensive research that examined the criticism that has been leveled over the past three years at the national efforts to improve intercity passenger rail and introduce true high-speed passenger rail in the United States.  The report defines eight broad categories of criticism of high-speed rail and offers several counterarguments to each.
  • The Case for Business Investment in High-Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail - March 2011
    This report focuses on key issues critical to private investors as they consider investments or future expansion into business serving growing passenger rail markets.  It highlights national and international trends, the market potential in the U.S. future funding sources, and the need for public support
  • High-Speed Rail Investment Background Data – February 2011
    Definitions of categories of high-speed rail are presented with a history of federal laws supporting high-speed rail.  Historical and projected growth trends of passenger trips, vehicles, and agencies for all types of passenger rail are calculated.  High-speed rail policy, plan, and need statements from APTA and other organizations are described.  Summaries of research detailing high-speed rail land use impact, energy use and emissions reduction, and economic benefits are presented.
  • Getting It Done: Building High-Speed Passenger Rail in America - 2009
    America is poised to take the most significant step toward transforming its transportation network since the Intersate Highway System was begun more that 50 years ago.  The nation is embarking on an ambitious plan that will lead to a network of high-speed rail corridors that will support millions of jobs, help revitalize our economy and improve mobility for millions of Americans.  This brochure provides helpful information on the steps to building high-speed rail, APTA's role and partnering efforts.


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