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Tornado related injury results from not only the direct impact of a tornado, but during the cleanup afterward when people search through debris and enter damaged buildings. Many of the tornado-related injuries occur after the devastation, during rescue attempts, cleanup, and other activities. Other common causes of injury include stepping on nails, falling objects amoung other hazards. Since tornadoes often damage power lines, and utility pipelines, there is often risk of electrocution, gas explosions. Remain alert to signs of an approaching tornado and seek shelter if threatening conditions exist.


Be aware of changing weather conditions.
  • Listen to NOAA Weather Radio or to local radio or television
  • Be prepared for approaching storms
  • Look for the danger signs
If approaching storms or tornados appear, take shelter immediately.

Pick a safe place in your home where family members could gather during a tornado. The safest place to be is underground, or as low to the ground as possible, and away from all windows. If you have a basement, make it your safe place. If you do not have a basement, consider an interior hallway or room on the lowest floor. Putting as many walls as you can between you and the outside will provide additional protection. Most tornados do not have the energy or wind speed to destroy a completely sturdy building..

When a tornado has been sighted, stay away from windows, doors and outside walls. Protect your head from falling objects or flying debris. Take cover immediately, wherever you are: In a house or small building, go to the basement. If there is no basement, go to an interior part of the structure on the lower level (closets, interior hallways). In either case, get under something sturdy (such as a heavy table) and stay there until the danger has passed.


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