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 Investment Data

  • APTA Primer on FAST Act Transit Funding Provisions - March 2016
    This report provides extensive detail on current and historic federal transit funding levels by program.​, and covers the latest authorization, the FAST Act.
  • Open for Business: The Business Case for Investment in Public Transportation - March 2016
    Mobility in the United States is undergoing an evolution, driving new partnerships and challenging the traditional boundary between public and private realms. In fact, much of the innovation in transportation is coming from private sector, venture capital-backed support of smarter cities through technology. Though viewed as a primarily public-sector function, public transportation is proving to be the backbone of the multimodal, on-demand economy that private sector innovation is driving today.
  • APTA Primer on MAP-21 Transit Funding - final edition December 2015
    This report provides extensive detail on current and historic federal transit funding levels by program.​ It covers the previous authorization, MAP-21.
  • Public Transportation Investment Background Data 11th Edition - updated November 2015
    ​This report assembles in one place brief answers for those questions which APTA is most frequently asked for background data about investment in transit with references to sources with more detailed information. Investment questions focus on transit financing: where do transit funds come from, how does the funding process work, how dependable are the funding sources, what do transit funds buy, and what level of funding does the transit industry need to meet the Nation's transportation needs?
  • High-Speed Rail Investment Background Data - February 2011
    Definitions of categories of high-speed rail are presented with a history of federal laws supporting high-speed rail.  Historical and projected growth trends of passenger trips, vehicles, and agencies for all types of passenger rail are calculated.  High-speed rail policy, plan, and need statements from APTA and other organizations are described.  Summaries of research detailing high-speed rail land use impact, energy use and emissions reduction, and economic benefits are presented.
  • The Case for Business Investment in High-Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail - March 2011
    This report focuses on key issues critical to private investors as they consider investments or future expansion into business serving growing passenger rail markets.  It highlights national and international trends, the market potential in the U.S. future funding sources, and the need for public support
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