The purpose of this policy is to provide an exception to the APTA bylaws regarding the appointment of the Legislative Committee Chair.
a.This policy applies to the Legislative Committee only.
a.APTA Bylaws Article VII, Section B (“Committee Membership”).
b.APTA Bylaws Article IX, Section A (“Composition of the Executive Committee”).
a.APTA Chair:
  1. In consultation with the APTA Vice-Chair, selects the chair of the Legislative Committee.
APTA’s bylaws indicate committee membership is determined by a committee’s leadership, in the case of the Legislative Committee, the APTA Chair shall appoint the Chair of the Legislative Committee before the end of the current Chair’s term. Given the breadth and scope of the activities carried out by the Legislative Committee, it is in the best interests of APTA to have the APTA chair, in consultation with the APTA Vice-Chair, appoint the Chair of the Legislative Committee.

Certification of Secretary/Treasurer

I hereby certify that the above “Board of Directors’ Attendance Policy” was adopted by the Board of Directors of APTA at a properly called meeting with an appropriate quorum present.

This 11 day of  June, 2017

Printed name: Kim Green

Signature: ______Signature on file______________

Acknowledgment of APTA Chair

This 11 day of  June,2017

Printed Name: Doran J. Barnes

Signature: _______Signature on file_____________

APTA Chair​​​​​

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