It’s time for our elected leaders to rethink public transportation and acknowledge its pivotal role as a catalyst for economic growth. APTA members can help by showing how your business or transit agency impacts your community, creates well-paying jobs, and drives innovation.

Talking Points & Message Guides

Use these resources to plan your outreach to your elected officials.

Advocacy Opportunities

Track the federal legislation that impacts public transportation and reach out to your elected officials when your voice and support is needed most.

Tools for Gathering State & Local Data

Your case is stronger when you can back it up with data: get the latest facts on public transportation’s impact on the economy – both for your region and nationally.

Telling Your Story

Spotlighting real jobs, businesses and services in your community helps bring your argument to life. Find the stories in your region and share them with APTA.

Invite Your Federal Representative to Your Organization

APTA encourages its members to invite their federal representative to tour their organization or system and show off firsthand the benefits of public-private partnerships in the public transportation industry.  This video help you along the way with steps to take in inviting your representative, from the beginning of the tour to writing a follow-up letter, plus some do’s and don’ts. And remember: If you ever need any advice or resources, contact us at 202-496-4800.

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