It has never been more important to make the case for public transportation funding to Congress. That is why we have created an array of documents explaining the background, logic, and suggested recommendations for the future that are linked below.

The APTA Industry Footprint is a great tool to share with Members of Congress, from showing how many riders utilize public transportation in their district, to the number of people employed. The Footprint shows the real impact of public transportation in your community.

Invite Your Federal Representative to Your Organization

APTA encourages its members to invite their federal representative to tour their organization or system and show off firsthand the benefits of public-private partnerships in the public transportation industry.  This video help you along the way with steps to take in inviting your representative, from the beginning of the tour to writing a follow-up letter, plus some do’s and don’ts. And remember: If you ever need any advice or resources, contact us at 202-496-4800.

Here are template letters you can use to invite elected officials to your facilities:

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