Rule/Notice/NOFO:  FTA, National Public Transportation Safety Plan

Federal Register/Notice:

Type of Requirement:  Request for Comment

Description:  FTA invites public comment on a proposed update to the National Public Transportation Safety Plan (National Safety Plan). The proposed National Safety Plan would rescind and replace the plan that FTA published in January 2017. This new version of the National Safety Plan, like the version before it, is intended to guide the national effort to manage safety risk in our nation’s public transportation systems. It lays out a performance-based approach to reduce injuries and fatalities on transit systems under FTA’s safety jurisdiction. This proposed update to the plan also supports the USDOT’s long-term goal of reaching zero fatalities on America’s roadways, as presented in the January 2022 National Roadway Safety Strategy, by adding safety performance criteria for vehicular collisions and providing voluntary standards for bus transit.

How is it enforced by FTA, DOT, Direct grant requirement, triennial review or other?  FTA Circulars are enforced through FTA’s triennial review program.

Is there a cost or time impact to grantees (best estimate):  TBD

APTA Comment/Letter: Completed comments

APTA Staff Advisor:  Brian Alberts:

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