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FHWA, National Performance Management Measures; Assessing Performance of the National Highway System, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Measure

2022-14679.pdf (

Type of requirement:

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Summary of requirement in 25 words or less:

FHWA proposes to amend its regulations governing national performance management measures to require State departments of transportation and metropolitan planning organizations to establish declining carbon dioxide targets and to establish a method for the measurement and reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with transportation. The proposed rule would not mandate the level of the targets. Rather, State DOTs and MPOs would have flexibility to set targets that are appropriate for their communities as long as the targets would reduce emissions over time. The proposed rule would also require MPOs serving urbanized areas with multiple MPOs to establish additional joint targets.

How is it enforced by FTA, DOT, Direct grant requirement, triennial review or other?

FHWA enforces this requirement through its Federal-aid highway program.

Is there a cost or time impact to grantees (best estimate):

The costs of this proposal are primarily labor costs associated with reporting GHG performance measures. FHWA believes the proposed measure has an estimated total 10-year costs of $11,022,835 at a 7% discount rate and $12,887,491 at a 3% discount rate.

APTA actions to date:

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Art Guzzetti,


Sustainability Committee

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