Rule/Notice/NOFO: Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Executive Office of the President

Federal Register/Notice:

Type of Requirement: Request for Information

Description: OMB will be proposing revisions to title 2 of the Code of Federal Regulation, subtitle A, chapters I and II, in 2023. This RFI will support this effort by soliciting feedback from the general public on 2 CFR, which will be considered during the process of drafting updates. OMB anticipates publishing the final update to 2 CFR by December 2023. The first update was published on August 13, 2020.

How is it enforced by FTA, DOT, Direct grant requirement, triennial review or other? N/A

Is there a cost or time impact to grantees (best estimate):  TBD

APTA Comment/Letter: Completed Comments

APTA Staff Advisor: Linda Ford,

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