Rule/Notice/NOFO: Train Crew Size Safety Requirements

Published:  July 28, 2022

Comment Period Ends/Due Date:  September 28, 2022

Federal Register/Notice: Federal Register

Description: FRA proposes regulations establishing safe minimum requirements for the size of train crews depending on the type of operation. A minimum requirement of two crewmembers is proposed for all railroad operations, with exceptions proposed for those operations that do not pose significant safety risks to railroad employees, the public, or the environment. This proposed rule would also establish minimum requirements for the location of crewmembers on a moving train and promote safe and effective teamwork. FRA also proposes a special approval procedure to allow railroads to petition FRA to continue legacy operations with one-person train crews and allow any railroad to petition FRA for approval to initiate a new train operation with fewer than two crewmembers.

APTA Comment/Letter: Under Development

Summary: APTA Summary

APTA Staff Advisor: Marie Benton

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