Public transportation is more than just buses, trains, and ferries – it serves as a cornerstone of our economy. With over 430,000 people employed and millions more supported in the private sector, its reach extends from the designers and manufacturers of our transportation infrastructure to the operators and systems engineers who ensure its smooth functioning. From urban centers to small communities, we can feel its economic impact in every corner of the country. It’s time to rethink public transportation and acknowledge its pivotal role as a catalyst for economic growth. Learn how investing in public transportation keeps our economy on track for success.

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Get the Facts: Public Transportation’s Economic Impact

The resources below show how protecting investments in public transportation fuels economic growth for your state and district.

Public transportation is a $80 billion industry that employs more than 450,000 people and supports millions of private sector jobs.

Enter your state or district in the search bar at the top of the page to see how public transportation benefits your area.

APTA Industry Footprint

Our Annual Fact Book has national and local data from all aspects of the U.S. transit industry. From transit facts and infrastructure investments to jobs and operating expenses, learn how public transit works for your community.

Public Transportation Fact Book

See a snapshot of how public transit works for America by the numbers – from creating jobs and generating economic activity to advancing American technology and innovation.

Public Transit Infographic

Manufacturers across America are building the vehicles and equipment needed for public transportation – creating jobs and growing local economies. The Rail Vehicle Infographic illustrates where rail components are manufactured. See what your state is producing:

Rail Vehicle Infographic

Manufacturers across America are building the vehicles and equipment needed for public transportation – creating jobs and growing local economies. The Bus Infographic illustrates where bus components are manufactured. See what your state is producing:

Bus Infographic

Every $1 invested in public transportation generates approximately $5 in economic returns.

See how public transportation funding contributes to the economy, beyond connecting commuters to their jobs.

Economic Impact Report

Read the Stories: See How Public Transportation Fuels Economic Growth Across America

The economic impact of public transportation is felt by everyone – from employees and businesses to families and communities.  Read the stories below to hear from real voices about the impact public transportation is making in their community.

St. Cloud’s bus manufacturing facility creates jobs, supports the community

In St. Cloud, Minnesota, public transportation doesn’t just serve the people who ride it. The New Flyer bus factory, located in the heart of St. Cloud, fuels businesses, individuals, and families across the United States.

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Oklahoma’s military and Native American communities are looking to the future with public transit

Two Oklahoma communities are gearing up for major transformation thanks to investments in public transit, including a city-tribal partnership with the Chickasaw Nation that is expected to have a billion-dollar impact on the Oklahoma City.  

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Maine’s cities, islands, and towns depend on public transportation to stay connected

From planes and trains to automobiles – and ferries and busses too – Maine’s public transit has it all. Portland’s robust, innovative public transportation system is made possible by local and federal funding – like new funding that will expand access to rural areas in 2024.  

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Everything is bigger in Texas – and capital investments in public transportation help Texas cities grow

Fort Worth is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and Trinity Metro is helping the city continue this growth. Trinity Metro’s innovative use of capital investment grants helps Fort Worth serve and expand its rapidly growing population.

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Capital Investment Grants power public transit’s expansion in Washington

Thanks to federally funded Capital Investment Grants, SoundTransit is expanding to better serve the Seattle region – and generate economic growth for the entire community by providing affordable housing near transit lines and supporting jobs across several industries.

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Watch the Videos:  See How Public Transportation Fuels Economic Growth in St. Cloud, MN

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