The APTA Safety Management Audit Program is in place to enhance system safety, assist with the implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS), and enact a process for continuous improvement at transit properties throughout the United States and Canada. It was adopted through the adaptation of existing industry best practices and system safety standards as well as input from APTA members.

Currently there are dozens of commuter rail, rail transit  and  bus transit systems participating in APTA’s safety management audit programs. These systems include (FTA-regulated) mass transit/subway systems, light rail systems, automated guide-ways, streetcars, bus transit systems and (FRA-regulated) commuter rail systems across North America and Asia. Modal programs have been developed that are specific to urban rail, commuter rail, and bus safety management processes. The benefits to be derived from participation in the APTA Safety Management Program include:

  • Adoption of safety management practices that have been established as an industry standard;
  • Building and enhancing safety management processes for service delivery and workplace safety;
  • Providing a tool for demonstrating transit system diligence for safety; and
  • Providing a mechanism for continual improvement of system safety; and
  • Implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS).

One pagers for the APTA Safety Management Audit Programs:

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