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Members Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Members Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2019-12-12T12:02:36-05:00

Who are APTA members? Organizations and their employees.

“DEMYSTIFY” your membership!

Use the member resources and benefits available to you.  Check out these FAQs to find the answers you need. Still uncertain, email APTA staff for further assistance (info@apta.com).

How do I/we….

Edit my personal contact information?2019-04-22T15:46:51-04:00

Go to the profile page to review and update your information.

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Update my contact information?2022-01-13T10:19:33-05:00

Edit your Profile information including:

  • Your Nickname
  • Title
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email


  • Change your address to a different office/location in the same organization if that address already exists in APTA’s database.
  • Provide your business email address to link to your employer and obtain access to member benefits.
  • Only use your own unique email address
  • Moved to a different job or organization? Contact APTA membership staff to change your profile (membership@apta.com).
  • Contact membership staff (membership@apta.com) to change your organizational information, add another branch location, or change the designated contact for your organization
  • Contact membership staff if multiple individuals must be added to the database or if your organization’s location and primary contact have to be changed (membership@apta.com)
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Learn about APTA conferences?2022-01-13T10:20:11-05:00
  • Sign in to the website before visiting the Events page
  • Visit Events and select the desired conference list
  • Program and Hotel Information is available on each conference page
  • Registration details and Exhibitor information is available on each conference page
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Use the online Member Directory?2019-08-29T15:08:49-04:00
  • Visit Member Resources and select the Member Directory
  • Only member organizations & their staff are included in the directory
  • Search by individuals or organizations for contact details
  • Narrow searches by using the Advanced Search to search by name, job title, email address, or location
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Access industry suppliers or exhibit at events?2024-06-26T08:49:32-04:00
  • Attend APTA conferences to display your products/services – visit the Events link for information on Product Showcases at major conferences
  • EXPO occurs every three years. Contact rbates@ntpshow.com to purchase booth space.
  • View classified and display ads in the print and online versions of Passenger Transport
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Find procurement opportunities?2022-01-13T10:18:25-05:00
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Network with industry peers?2019-08-29T15:15:09-04:00
  • Our online communities easily connect committee members in a confidential, safe environment that promotes conversation, problem-solving and information sharing
  • Participate in APTA’s conferences for tremendous networking opportunities
  • Committee participation provides access to industry contacts across all membership categories
  • The Member Directory connects you to the entire network of member organizations
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Find the correct APTA staff person to ask a question?2019-04-22T15:47:04-04:00
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Join a committee?2022-01-13T10:15:30-05:00
  • Visit the Committees & Subcommittees  to learn about existing committees.
  • Contact the committee staff member assigned as the “staff advisor.” Advisors are the liaisons between APTA and the respective committees.
  • Complete the Committee Interest form to be assigned to the selected committee.
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Make a presentation at APTA conferences?2022-01-13T10:13:37-05:00
  • Visit APTA’s Call for Abstracts page for upcoming events.
  • Respond to APTA’s “Call for Papers” or “Call for Presentations” emailed to members that requests your proposed topic submissions.
  • Visit the specific conference web page for additional information on topic areas and deadlines.
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Gain industry recognition?2022-01-13T10:11:21-05:00
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Learn about professional development opportunities to advance my career?2022-01-13T10:10:40-05:00
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Subscribe to Passenger Transport, APTA’s biweekly newspaper?2022-01-13T10:01:18-05:00
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Get information on legislative issues before Congress and changes to federal regulations?2022-01-13T10:07:41-05:00
Find reports and statistics?2022-01-13T10:06:43-05:00
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Get help with safety and security issues?2022-01-13T10:04:32-05:00
Learn about industry standards and how to get involved in a working group?2022-01-13T09:59:27-05:00
  • Visit the Standards link to learn about all the collaborative work being done to develop consensus-based industry standards
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Make my organization more sustainable?2022-06-27T11:07:21-04:00
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