Letter from Ms. Kimberly Slaughter, Chair, Leadership APTA Committee

Dear Colleagues,

Leadership APTA is about creating visionary and resilient executive and senior leaders for the transit industry.

The pandemic required us to transform how we lead, communicate, and prioritize. We were forced to think in new ways and form new partnerships. Over the summer and months that followed, we as an industry advanced messages of equity, inclusion, social justice, and reform while keeping our riders safe, secure, and moving.

As we encourage qualified members to apply for Leadership APTA, please know that the program for the Class of 2022 will be built upon the lessons and experiences of the past year while looking forward to prepare our industry leaders for future challenges. We will present participants with exceptional opportunities, new challenges, dynamic speakers, and challenging projects. We will introduce new ways of learning and giving back. We will provide access to the tools, resources, and connections with industry trailblazers to support the development of exceptional public transportation leaders.

The application deadline is Wednesday, June 23rd, at 11:59 p.m. ET. Please visit the website, which provides additional information regarding the program timeline, expectations, and commitment.

If you have questions about the program or the application process, please contact APTA’s Joe Niegoski at jniegoski@apta.com

We look forward to receiving your application.

Program Overview

Leadership APTA is committed to identifying and selecting a diverse, broad-based group of dedicated and highly motivated industry professionals from among our membership to participate in the transit industry’s premiere senior and executive leadership program. Leadership APTA has become the path to prepare you to join the next generation of visionary senior and executive leaders of APTA and the public transportation industry​.

The Leadership APTA Committee will select up to 35 individuals from among APTA member applicants to participate in an intensive year-long program that includes executive roundtables, skill-building workshops, conferences, team-driven capstone leadership projects, teleconferences, online meetings, and web-based events.

Why Join Leadership APTA?


ENVISION and create the future with a cohort of 35 top professionals.


GIVE BACK to your organizations, APTA, and the industry through active participation in APTA and industry initiatives.


CHANGE how you listen, think, respond and lead as senior executives.


LEARN as you participate in executive roundtable session, customized leadership workshops, industry capstone projects, site visits, and mentoring.


COMMIT to an intensive and rewarding year-long program. Meet and engage with APTA’s executive and senior leadership, national and international public transportation industry leaders, leading university professors, and expert faculty.


BENEFIT from opportunities to be a featured speaker at APTA and industry conferences, committee meetings, workshops, and events.


DEEPEN your understanding of emerging challenges being addressed by top industry leaders.


PROMOTE APTA’s mission to strengthen and improve public transportation.

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