The Leadership APTA program is looking for the next generation of senior and executive leaders in the public transportation industry. Candidates for Leadership APTA should show the promise and potential to be part of executive teams, the C-suite, and other senior leadership positions.


Leadership APTA is designed explicitly for APTA members working for public transportation systems, private sector businesses supplying goods or services to the public transit industry, or other organizations related to the industry. Only employees of APTA member organizations are eligible to apply.

Target Audience Profile

  • Candidates for Leadership APTA must have at least 10-15 years of significant work experience from the public or private sector, including at least three years of transit experience, plus a track record of demonstrated successes.
  • Candidates need to be proven, experienced managers with the drive, dedication, and promise to join senior and executive leadership ranks. They may come from other positions and demonstrate the potential to be a strong and effective leader.
  • Candidates might be new general managers of small to mid-sized organizations, transit agency assistant general managers, or assistant general managers working for public transit services providers. They might be rising business and private sector program and senior project managers with a track record of recognized success and senior and executive leadership plans.
  • Candidates must be at a director-level/equivalent position or higher and at a high enough level in your organization where they can speak with confidence to the goals, priorities, and significant issues their organization is addressing.
  • Candidates applying for the Leadership APTA Class of 2022 are expected to become actively involved in APTA immediately upon graduation. They must have the drive and desire to serve on APTA committees and task forces in areas of interest and benefit to them and their organizations. They need to be willing to eventually assume leadership roles in committees, working groups, and task forces.

Applicants per APTA Member Organization

APTA member organizations may submit only one candidate as your applicant for the Leadership APTA Class of 2022. Organizations submitting more than one applicant run the risk that all of their organizations’ applicants are disqualified from consideration.


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