Program timeline for the Leadership APTA Class of 2022

  • Wednesday, June 23, 2021: Leadership APTA online application deadline.
  • Early August 2021: The Leadership APTA Committee meets to select the Class of 2022.
  • By the end of August: APTA notifies the applicant’s primary point-of-contact of the Committee’s decision.
  • Mid-to-end September: All applicants receive a written letter from APTA.
  • Mid-October: Virtual Meeting with the Leadership APTA Class of 2022, Leadership APTA Committee, and staff.
  • October 30, 2021: Tuition payment due.
  • November 6/7-10: APTA 2021 TRANSform & EXPO (planned), Orlando, FL. The incoming class will be introduced to APTA Committee leadership, members, and Leadership APTA alumni.
    • November 6 (planned): Special joint workshop session with Class of 2021.
    • November 7-10: Opportunities to participate in customized Leadership APTA workshops and sessions and attend APTA committee meetings, conferences, and EXPO.
  • End November 2021 (planned): Virtual Meeting – final prep for the planned in-person December workshop.
  • December 1-3, 2021 (Dates to be confirmed): Required in-person workshop in Washington, DC
  • January – February 2022: Scheduled virtual meetings in advance of the March 2022 Legislative Conference to discuss and finalize leadership capstone project topics and teams.
  • March 12-15, 2022: APTA Required Leadership APTA workshop in conjunction with APTA Legislative Conference, Washington, D.C. (planned).
  • Mid-March through end July 2022: Capstone project teamwork includes team planning and discussions, industry interviews, teleconferences, virtual practice sessions in preparation for planned August and September 2022 virtual deliveries of Capstone projects.
  • June 2-4, 2022: Capstone Executive Session, San Diego, CA (planned).
  • August and September 2022: Virtual deliveries of Capstone Projects.
  • End-September 2022: Final versions of Leadership APTA Class project presentations and related Executive Summaries due.
  • October 9-12, 2022: APTA TRANSform Conference, Seattle, WA. Graduating class honored. Opportunities for class members to deliver leadership project presentations during committee meetings/conference sessions.
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