This award honors an APTA public transportation system member who has demonstrated achievement in efficiency and effectiveness. ​

Nomination Requirements

  • Nominee must be an APTA member in good standing.
  • System nominations cover a three-year period (2017-2019) and the nomination should reflect the achievements in that specific time frame.
  • All nominators need to complete the nomination form (editable pdfNOTE: *The nomination form MUST BE SIGNED by the head of  the transit system.*
  • Provide detailed quantitative information and specific examples to support each of the 12 qualitative areas.
  • All supporting materials for the Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement Award nominations should be no more than seven pages long.​
  • Up to three additional pages in attachments (i.e., news articles, recommendations, etc.) are allowed.
  • Start each qualitative section with the required section headline.
  • All qualitative & quantitative measures must be addressed.
  • An additional online survey must be completed for the quantitative data.

Awards are granted to systems in three categories based on annual ridership:

  • Providing 4 million or fewer annual passenger trips
  • Providing more than 4 million and fewer than 20 million annual passenger trips
  • Providing 20 million or more annual passenger trips

Quantitative Measures — Counts for 1/2 of the total score. Nominations for these awards shall include verifiable data for a consecutive three-year period.

Visit the online survey​​ to enter your data.
Use the Quantitative Measures Forms below as a worksheet to compile data for the past three years.
Quantitative Measures Form for 2017 (editable pdf)
Quantitative Measures Form for 2018 (editable pdf)
Quantitative Measures Form for 2019​ (editable pdf)

Important Information: If you are unable to input the data all at once, you may exit the survey and return to it later. To do so, click “save and continue survey later” at the top of the page. You will be prompted to enter your email address, and the survey tool will email you a link where you can continue filling out the survey.

Qualitative Measures — Counts for 1/2 of the total score. Outline specific programmatic improvements and achievements in the last three calendar years in the areas indicated below. All areas should be addressed and must include quantitative information and specific examples to support each of the 12 areas in this section.

Safety — Enhanced safety measures
Operations — Efficiencies in operating procedures
Maintenance — Basic reporting of maintenance measurements, new maintenance initiatives, preventative programs, and improved performance on efficiencies of existing maintenance procedures
Access — ​Travel training; customer information; demonstrated outreach to community beyond ADA prescribed areas; and specific partnership with other municipalities and other community organizations.
Diversity, Inclusion and Equity – Showcase mission, strategies, policies and practices used to attract and support a diverse workforce, promote an inclusion- and equity-focused culture internally and in vendor, customer and community engagement.
Customer Service — Methods of providing additional value and service to riders, including the utilization of customer complaints.
Financial Management — Effective financial controls and successful audits.
Sustainability — Initiatives to increase sustainability of your organization and your community.
Workforce Development — Well-trained workforce to meet the needs of the future.
Attendance and Employee Costs — Containing costs and improving absentee rates.
Marketing — Developing effective marketing tools to retain and attract riders.
Community Relations — Promoting positive community relations and contributing to a more “livable” community​.

Submitting Your Materials
The nomination form​ and supporting materials should be emailed to Faxes will not be accepted.

If you need to mail your materials, the address is:

Attention: Erin Cartwright
APTA Awards Committee
Suite 1200 East
1300 I Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005-3375​​

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