Recommended Practice

Troubleshooting Transit Bus Air Systems


This recommended practice provides guidelines for troubleshooting transit bus air systems, including basic design criteria, preventive maintenance and common problems.

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APTA BTS-BC-RP-010-20 Original 02/04/2020 Published Current


accessory system, air system, emergency brake, parking brake, service brake system, supply system, valves


This document establishes a recommended practice for troubleshooting transit bus air systems. Individual operating agencies should modify these guidelines to accommodate their specific equipment and mode of operation. The following recommended practices and guidelines assume that the end users have sufficient skills and knowledge to repair and maintain the related systems at a journeyman level. These skills and knowledge must also include a fluent understanding of safe shop working practices, not only for the agency but also OSHA/CCOHS/provincial/federal/state and local safety standards. A familiarity with applicable industries, component/system suppliers and vehicle manufacturers is also assumed.

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