Powered Exterior Side Door System Design for New Passenger Cars


This standard contains the minimum requirements for powered exterior side door systems and door system function on new rail passenger cars.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA PR-M-S-018-10 Rev. 1.1 07/26/2023 Current Proposed for citation revision
APTA PR-M-S-018-10 Rev. 1 01/17/2020 Superseded
APTA PR-M-S-018-10 Original 02/11/2011 Superseded 49 CFR §238. 131(a)(1) (2015)


doors, door systems, emergency evacuation


This standard identifies the minimum design requirements for powered exterior side door systems on new intercity and commuter rail passenger cars operating on the general railroad system of transportation. These doors provide entrance and exit for normal passenger boarding and detraining, as well as an emergency egress/access path. This standard sets out requirements and references regarding the design of this type of passenger door systems intended for use in specifications for the procurement of new passenger cars.

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