Emergency Egress/Access Signage and Low-Location Exit Path Markings for Passenger Rail Equipment


This standard contains minimum requirements for the physical characteristics, informational content and placement of all emergency signs, markings and instructions for passenger railcar egress/access points. This includes emergency low-location exit path marking (LLEPM) systems for all passenger railcars using passive and/or active means of marking the exit path(s) to safety.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA PR-PS-S-006-23 Original 06/06/2023 Published Proposed for CFR Citation


emergency exit path, high performance photoluminescent (HPPL), instructions, low-location exit path marking (LLEPM) system, luminescent, markings, photoluminescent (PL), retroreflective, signs


This standard requires that passenger railcars have interior emergency signage to assist passengers and train crew members in locating and operating emergency exits from the passenger railcar or train. It states requirements for exterior signage to assist emergency responders in locating and operating emergency access points. And it requires that each passenger railcar have an LLEPM system to direct passenger and crew member evacuation, especially during conditions of low visibility such as the presence of smoke.

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