Contractors’ Responsibility for Safety on the Right-of-Way (ROW)


This rail standard identifies a contractor’s responsibilities for knowing, complying with and enforcing rail transit agency (RTA) guidelines, rules and procedures and should govern the activities of contractors performing work on or near the right-of-way.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA RT-OP-S-010-04 Rev. 3 02/28/2023 Published Current
APTA RT-OP-S-010-04 Rev. 2 10/06/2016 Published Superseded


contractor, right-of-way, safety


This standard shall be applied whenever contractors or other persons perform any work on or near the RTA’s ROW in order to assist in protecting themselves, their employees and subcontractors, passengers, RTA employees, and the public. It is the responsibility of every individual entering or working in close proximity to the RTA to follow all safety rules and procedures contained in this standard, to use caution, and to apply all safe work practices.

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