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Trash and Recycling Receptacles for Transit Facilities


This white paper provides information about the design and placement of trash and recycling containers in transit-related facilities that will facilitate the lawful disposal of refuse while minimizing the risk to people, operations, assets and infrastructure in the transit environment.

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APTA SS-SIS-WP-014-13 03/26/2013 Published Current


trash, recycling receptacles for transit facilities, blast resistant receptacles


Trash and recycling receptacles are important to the good housekeeping and presentation of a transit facility for a clean, comfortable and inviting environment at transit facilities. However, in today’s current security environment, explosive devices can also be placed in the same trash receptacles with the intent to cause significant injury to people, operations, assets and infrastructure. This potential threat may be controlled through the design and placement of trash and recycling receptacles in a transit facility. There are many different types of containers that can be used as transit facility trash and recycling receptacles.
Containers used for trash or recyclables offer varying degrees of visibility and protection of contents stored within them. Blast-resistant receptacles can be used to minimize the threat of an explosive device and to mitigate an opportunity to hide a device in a receptacle unnoticed. Trash and recycling receptacles may be
blast resistant or non-blast resistant.

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