Recommended Practice

Conducting Revenue Vehicle Security Inspections


This Recommended Practice establishes guidelines for implementation and oversight of a revenue vehicle inspection protocol.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA SS-SRM-RP-012-09 10/15/2009 Published Current


inspection, revenue, security, sweep, transit, vehicle


Revenue vehicle security inspections are recommended to ensure that vehicles are free from defects, tampering, sabotage or suspicious objects and/or reconfiguration in the electro-mechanical systems and other components and wiring that could endanger passengers, employees or others; disrupt or deny
service; or cause damage to surrounding vehicles or facilities. These procedures are in addition to routine preuse operational safety inspections (fluid levels, tire pressures, etc.).This Recommended Practice establishes guidelines for implementation and oversight. It includes criteria for basic searches by employees, law
enforcement agents and security staff, including K9 teams scaled to transit agency size or transportation services provided.

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