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Random Inspections of Carry-On Items in Transit Systems


This white paper provides information for developing and implementing transit carry-on screening programs.

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APTA SS-SRM-WP-002-10 06/25/2010 Published Current


carry-on, checkpoint, container, inspection, screening, search, security, transit


This white paper provides information regarding random inspections and inspection programs for carry-on items in transit systems. It is intended to give a snapshot view of the current state of the industry as it relates to transit carry-on inspections. However, it is encouraged that an agency should consider developing carry-on screening program even if there are no immediate plans for implementation. This preparation would yield the ability to quickly and effectively initiate the practice in reaction to changes in the terrorism alert level or for other reasons related to threats or security concerns. Should an agency decide to establish a screening program, this document offers guidelines for development and implementation and addresses considerations warranting attention in this effort. Agencies that already have a screening program should consider updating it to include applicable information provided in this document.

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