To be eligible for graduation and receive a certificate of completion, each member of the class must attend and actively contribute to the following:

  • June 2022 Kickoff Session prior to the Rail Conference in San Diego, CA.
  • Ten-month mentor program which will require participation in online sessions and conference meetings with national and local mentors.
  • Individual project presentation via webinar.
  • Fall 2022 skill-building sessions and workshop.
  • Small-team capstone presentations on an industry topic or professional development area discussed in mentor program.
  • Completion of all assignments and readings.
  • Conference calls, webinar meetings, program collaboration, and any other web-based events.
  • April 2023 Capstone Session and Graduation in conjunction with the Mobility Conference in Minneapolis, MN.

Attending the modal conferences will give Emerging Leaders Program participants the opportunity to learn more about APTA, the industry, and its members, build their professional network and relationships, bond with peers, and better realize the diverse, professional opportunities within the industry.


If you are selected to participate in the Emerging Leaders Program and change jobs during the course of the program year, your new employer must be an APTA member and must submit a letter of support for your continued participation in the program. You will be responsible for resolving the tuition fee payment between your new and former employers.​​

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