Recommended Practice

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) for Transit Facilities


This Recommended Practice provides guidance the use of crime prevention through environmental design at revenue and non-revenue transit facilities.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA SS-SIS-RP-007-10 Rev. 1 09/25/2020 Published Current
APTA SS-SIS-RP-007-10 06/24/2010 Published Superseded


access control, assessment, CPTED, fencing systems, gate, landscaping, lighting, threat and vulnerability analysis


This Recommended Practice is intended to ensure that security measures are employed, and costs are considered in the application of CPTED concepts and strategies; to incorporate security considerations prior to designing, planning, building or remodeling transit facilities and areas; and to identify all pertinent
stakeholders in the process application of CPTED concepts and strategies. Transit systems may use a system security program plan to specify an alternate means to achieve an equivalent level of security as provided by this APTA security Recommended Practice. The system security program plan should identify the transit security Recommended Practice requirements that cannot be met; state why each of these requirements cannot be met; describe the alternate means to ensure equivalent security is achieved; and provide a reasonable explanation (i.e. operating history, threat, security or risk assessment) for why security is not compromised through alternate means.

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