Recommended Practice

Tunnel Security for Public Transit


This document proposes recommended practices for the security of transit tunnels to enhance the security of people, operations, assets and infrastructure.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA SS-SIS-RP-016-15 Rev. 1 01/23/2024 Published Current
APTA SS-SIS-RP-016-15 Original 03/01/2015 Published Current


assessment, balanced security, considerations, security program, tunnels


Tunnels and the mass transit passengers who travel through them are subject to various threats. Many attacks that are planned against tunnels intend to kill or injure large numbers of people. Because of their open architecture, passenger transit tunnels and tunnel stations present an attack opportunity and a potential for significant consequence. This recommended practice provides recommended security strategies for agencies with transit tunnel assets to reduce risk to these structures.

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