Throughout the year class members worked in project teams to develop relevant and topical industry-related presentation, resulting in the delivery of seven leadership projects.  Each team’s presentations is available below.  We highly encourage you to download and read the results of their interviews, findings, and related research.

Team 1 – Recruiting and Retaining Bus Operators

Team Members:

  • Anthony Bethune
  • Jennifer Criscuolo
  • Kirk Hovenkotter
  • Calvin Ortique

Team 2 – The Effect of Digital Technology on the Rail Customer Experience

Team Members: 

  • Michael Carter
  • Latisha Johnson
  • Meaghan Mendonca
  • Tamika White

Team 3 Successful Project Prioritization: Clear Goals, Effective Measures, Transparent Processes

Team Members:

  • Shayna Pollock
  • Maggie Maddox
  • Justin Cole

Team 4 Transit in an Autonomous Vehicle Environment

Team Members: 

  • Alphonso Johnson
  • Maddie Linkenmeyer
  • Jim Mersereau
  • Shanta Williams

Team 5 – Best Practices for Implementing Battery Electric Buses into Your Fleet

Team Members:

  • Ian Adams
  • Mike Nabhan
  • Andy Wakefield
  • Lisa Womack

Team 6 Equity in Transit: Emerging Practices

Synopsis: As awareness of inequalities in service have been brought to light, agencies working to rebalance their resources and correct historical disinvestment through policy shifts. There is recognition that equal investment is not enough – communities and groups with different needs will require different levels and types of investment than others in order to thrive. More attention needs to be turned to populations historically underserved than the rest of the service area in order to provide appropriate access to opportunity.

Team Members: 

  • Lucas Johnson
  • Alex Kiheri
  • Bria Knowles
  • Adrianna Stanley

Team 7 – Electric Scooters & Public Transportation: Can We Coexist?

Synopsis: In recent years, public transportation services have expanded beyond bus- and train-only modes. Today, inclusion of multimodal transportation, mobility-on-demand (MOD) and, more recently, bicycle- and scooter-sharing systems. Several transportation agencies have established partnerships with transportation network companies (TNCs) to address the first/last mile challenge. As some of these partnerships have proven to be successful, our goal is to look at how transportation agencies are addressing the rise of scooter-sharing systems.

Team Members: 

  • Imelda Hernandez
  • Vassilena Lerinska
  • Tony Santana
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