Welcome to APTA’s Standards Program quarterly newsletter, where we provide updates on new standards and the activities of our many standards working groups.

APTA’s virtual Mobility and Rail Conferences were a great success! The Standards Program was marketed at both events using promotional videos. Additionally, visitors to APTA’s home page (apta.com) can view the Standards Program video produced for the Rail Conference. The Standards Development Oversight Council met in July to address improving outreach and awareness of the Standards Program.

You do not have to be an APTA member to participate in the standards development process. All industry stakeholders can participate in APTA’s working groups to develop standards and recommended practices. We are always looking for new volunteers, including industry experts and emerging leaders, to help develop the next generation of standards.

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Recently Published Documents

Bus Transit Systems

Commuter, Intercity & HSR

Security & Emergency Management

Documents Under Review

APTA’s Standards Development Program has advanced several documents to the CEO review phase. Specifically, for July 2021, nine documents were reviewed by bus and rail executive-level administrators, operators, and transit security professionals. These were:

Rail Transit Systems

  • Rail Transit Track Allocation Program Requirement
  • Managing Short- and Long-Term Changes Affecting Rail Operations
  • Rail Operations Employee Development Practices
  • Defensive Rail Operations

Sustainability and Urban Design Standards

  • Using Asset Criticality to Make More Informed Decisions in a Transit Agency

Security & Emergency Management

  • Sensitive Security Information Policy
  • Cleaning & Disinfecting Transit Vehicles and Facilities During a Contagious Virus Pandemic
  • Security and Emergency Management Aspects of Planned/Unplanned Special Event Service
  • Security Awareness Training for Transit Employees

Work Group Updates

  • The Standard Bus Procurement Guidelines Working Group held its third meeting and is preparing final revisions for review and balloting in the fall. A Battery Bus Charger RFP standard is under development. Additionally, the Bus Brake and Chassis Working Group worked on 3 documents focused on Front and Rear Axle S-Cam Brake Reline, Troubleshooting requirements for S-Cam and Air Brake Complaints, and Aftermarket Disc Brake Pad Evaluation.
  • Commuter, Intercity & HSR Program (aka PRESS) has reached an important milestone as more than 50% of PRESS documents are now compliant with the five-year review cycle. Four additional will be ready for the August Public Comment Period. They include “Passenger Axle Design,” “Wheel Flange Angle for Passenger Equipment,” “Passenger Railroad Emergency Communications,” “Emergency Evacuation Units for Rail Passenger Vehicles,” and “Door Systems for New and Rebuilt Passenger Cars”.
  • Rail Transit Operating Practices working group is focused on “Standard for On Track Equipment Safety Requirements”, “Standard for Roadway Worker Protection Program Requirements”, “Standard for Contractor’s Responsibility for ROW Safety”, and “Standard for Work Zone Safety Practices”. The Signals and Communications Working Group met on July 20 to continue its update of six documents focused on documents detailing requirements on “Route Locking Tests”, and “Approach Locking Tests” among others.
  • The Security and Emergency Management working group is updating the “Security Plan and Transit Agency Emergency Management Program” document. The Infrastructure and Security System working group is balloting recommended practices on “Security Awareness Training for Transit Employees” and updating the “Security Considerations for Public Transit” and the “Random Counterterrorism Measures on Transit Systems”. The Enterprise Cyber Security working group (ECSWG) is developing a “Cybersecurity Considerations for Public Transit” recommended practice.
  • The Technology SPPC has been actively focused on recruiting members for the two working groups, the Technology Procurement Working Group, and the Revenue and Data working Group. They will focus on four distinct areas: technology procurement, open and contactless fare payment, open standards and integration requirements, and cybersecurity.

For more information about APTA Standards email standards@apta.com.

Accepting Public Comment Now

We are seeking feedback from all industry stakeholders to help shape the language in several documents on commuter, intercity, and highspeed rail, covering:

• Passenger Car Axle Design
• Wheel Flange Angle for Passenger Equipment
• Passenger Railroad Emergency Communications
• Emergency Evacuation Units for Passenger Railcars

To view these documents and submit any comments visit the Standards Public Comment page.

If you experience any difficulties submitting your feedback on APTA’s secured website, please email our team at standards@apta.com.

The current set of document reviews must be completed by August 31, 2021. Thank you for your continued support of the Standards Program.

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