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Workforce Development Initiative (WDI) Task Force

APTA established this task force in 2001 to address the current and future workforce needs for the industry. The final report and recommendations of the task force were approved in September 2003, including "mainstreaming" workforce development into APTA's programs, activities and committees. The report remains a vital resource for the industry.

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Knowledge Management Resource to Support Strategic Development for Transit Agencies

TRB's Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Research Report 194: Knowledge Management Resource to Support Strategic Workforce Development for Transit Agencies explores the importance of knowledge management (KM), which is an organization’s process for collecting, storing, and sharing organizational information and knowledge, and provides guidance on implementing KM strategies in transit agencies. In addition, the guidance includes action plans for developing particular aspects of KM, analysis of KM strategies at several transit agencies, and a catalog of KM technology tools and resources.

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Virtual Transit Career Network

The VCN is a resource for those seeking information on frontline transit industry jobs and related skills in operations, maintenance, facilities, and administration. The VCN also lets a job seeker find out where to go locally for related courses and training, as well as helps one access information about financial aid opportunities. Most importantly, the VCN helps identify many transit job openings in your area and across the country.

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National Transit Curriculum

The National Transit Curriculum is an introductory college level course, consisting of a set of modules designed by representatives of a number of transit agencies and universities. Each of these modules can be taught individually, but together they form a comprehensive curriculum that gives a valuable perspective on the transit industry. The curriculum is free of charge, and can be requested through the above link.

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2017 Workforce Webinar

As technologies advance and are steadily incorporated into the operations of transportation industries, workforce needs evolve at increasingly progressive rate across all levels. Technological impacts are widespread and create internal and external demands on both public and private sector agencies, businesses, and institutions. This webinar’s objective is to identify the impact advanced technologies have on the transportation industry.

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2016 Workforce Webinar

This webinar series tackles some of the most pressing issues facing the future of the transportation industry. Diversity within the workforce, cultural change, and community engagement.

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Los Angeles Metro’s Technology Assessment Moving to a ZERO and NEAR ZERO Emission Bus Fleet

The presentation focuses on the results of an analysis of options for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority to convert its fleet to “Zero Emission” or “Near-Zero Emission” buses. The analysis compared the costs and emission benefits of converting the entire 2,194 bus Metro transit fleet from conventional CNG buses to electric buses, fuel cell buses, or Low-NOx CNG buses operated on renewable natural gas.

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Solar Battery Charging for Bus Batteries

Are you having a lot jump starts because of dead batteries caused by things like battery drain from parasitic loads and long weekends where buses are just parked? This webinar will talk about a solution that MTA in Baltimore has had success with by installing solar battery chargers. Benefits include lower costs and longer battery life.

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Maximizing Your Investment in APTA: Lessons Learned by Small Business Members of APTA

For APTA DBE and Small Business Members - This webinar was created to provide business members going to their first APTA conference with ideas on how to create a business strategy for the conference, tips about what to expect when they get there. It also provides information on the opportunities and resources that APTA provides to its members. The webinar is a project of the Business Member Small Business Committee.

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Follow the Money

This webinar from March 26, 2013, explores the differences between the budget, appropriations and authorization processes, anticipated timelines, the impact of sequestration and fiscal cliff debates and more. In addition, we look at how federal budget decisions trickle down to the state level, particularly in the MAP-21 implementation environment. Finally, we'll touch on Congressional debate over tax reform and efforts to increase federal revenue. To find out how all the current budget proposals (and their outcomes) may impact APTA business members and other public transportation supporters, watch this webinar.

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PT Pro E-Learning (Pierce Transit)

An online portal to courses which include both mandatory (e.g. OSHA) trainings and optional other courses for management training. Many of Pierce's other programs, including management and Lean training, are offered and managed through this platform, which serves employees from frontline workers to executives.

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