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Los Angeles Metro’s Technology Assessment Moving to a ZERO and NEAR ZERO Emission Bus Fleet

The presentation focuses on the results of an analysis of options for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority to convert its fleet to “Zero Emission” or “Near-Zero Emission” buses. The analysis compared the costs and emission benefits of converting the entire 2,194 bus Metro transit fleet from conventional CNG buses to electric buses, fuel cell buses, or Low-NOx CNG buses operated on renewable natural gas.

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NTI Effective Supervision

As we face the complex challenges of today's Transit environment, it becomes increasingly crucial that we examine our own behaviors as it relates to helping our organizations succeed. Supervisors must learn how to lead others rather than do the work themselves. In addition, they must earn trust and respect in order to motivate, and strike the right balance between delegation and control.

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NTI Mid Manager Seminar

This program is held in conjunction with APTA conferences. It provides a unique training and educational opportunity for the transit managers and supervisors who hold mid-level positions in transit organizations. This course offering will provide participants with skills necessary to lead, manage, and supervise from the middle of the organization.

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NTI Fundamentals of Supervision

The course is designed to provide transit supervisors with a better understanding of their role. Whether they are new to supervision, or are an experienced supervisor and are interested in broadening their skillset, participants will learn strategies for dealing with common challenges, and will acquire the skills necessary to avoid future problems

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Eno Mid Manager Seminar

This course is tailored specifically for mid-level managers in public transportation agencies and companies that serve the transit industry. The program's goals focus around expanding knowledge across all transportation modes, enhancing management skills, identifying leadership strengths, broadening peer support systems and knowledge of public transportation agencies, private sector partners, union leadership, and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

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Other Transit Training

We encourage APTA members to review the range of trainings and professional development opportunities provided by some of our industry partners and colleagues. Click "Learn More" to find out several other national organizations who provide additional programs in these areas.

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Member Regional Professional Development Programs

Workforce development programs developed by APTA regional partner agencies. The examples range from frontline worker development resources and executive programs, to strategies for overall employee retainment. These resources are provided both as a sample of the opportunities available to transit workers, and as model programs for agencies attempting to develop their own training and development initiatives. The valuable local and regional programs detailed in the links below demonstrate our industry-wide commitment to developing the transportation workforce.

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Workforce development related resources and publications from APTA and industry partners [...]

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