Design and Construction of Passenger Railroad Rolling Stock


This Standard contains structural and crashworthiness requirements for railroad passenger equipment of all types, including locomotive-hauled equipment, MU and cab cars, and non-passenger carrying power cars and locomotives.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA PR-CS-S-034-99 Rev. 3.2 6/15/2022 Published Current
APTA PR-CS-S-034-99 Rev. 3.1 10/7/2021 Published Superseded
APTA PR-CS-S-034-99 Rev. 3 06/18/2020 Published Superseded
APTA PR-CS-S-034-99 Rev. 2 06/11/2006 Published Superseded


analysis, collision post, corner post, strength, stress, structure test, severe deformation


This standard contains structural design requirements for passenger rail equipment. The standard is intended to consider the forces applied to the carbody and truck structures during collisions, derailments, and other emergencies.

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