Design and Construction of Passenger Railroad Rolling Stock


This Standard contains structural and crashworthiness requirements for railroad passenger equipment of all types, including locomotive-hauled equipment, MU and cab cars, and non-passenger carrying power cars and locomotives.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA PR-CS-S-034-99 Rev. 3.3  07/26/2023 Current Proposed for citation update
APTA PR-CS-S-034-99 Rev. 3.2 6/15/2022 Superseded
APTA PR-CS-S-034-99 Rev. 3.1 10/7/2021 Superseded
APTA PR-CS-S-034-99 Rev. 3 06/18/2020 Superseded
APTA PR-CS-S-034-99 Rev. 2 06/11/2006 Superseded 49 CFR §238 Appendix G (2021)
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